Welcome to the Fruita United Methodist Christian Community!

We are a ministry that welcomes Everyone. We believe that the Christian faith (following the way, teachings and example of Jesus), when practiced well, leads us to experience God’s love and God providing us with wholeness, well-being, and the ability to live lives of justice, mercy, and unconditional love. We know religion often gets it wrong. And we know the pain church has caused so many for so long. But here at Fruita UMC we believe Love wins. And we believe that a group of seekers committed to exploring faith and justice makes a needed difference in our lives and in the world.

Single? Divorced? Married?  ~ We are all family together.
Liberal? Conservative? Other? ~ We are all giving & serving together.
Doubt? Believe? Bit of both? ~ We are all learning & growing together.
Any race. Any culture. Any background. ~ We celebrate life and praise God together.
Come and be a part of something unique in the Fruita area! Come see what God’s up to here!

We have resumed worship INSIDE our gorgeous sanctuary!

In order to meet the requirements of the Mountain Sky Conference of the UMC, as well as our insurance company, and more importantly – in order to follow Jesus’ teaching for us to “love our neighbors” and keep each other safe during this pandemic, the following are the Protocols that we need everyone to follow to participate in group events, activities, and gatherings held in the church building:

  • All persons who come for worship and other group gatherings are to wear masks as they enter the building, and keep their masks on until they fully depart from the building afterward. Masks will be provided to persons who arrive without a mask.
  • Each person will fill out a health questionnaire form before entering the church, sanitized pens will be available.
  • We can have a maximum of 165 persons in our sanctuary (50% of max) – and only if that can happen with family groups at least 6 feet apart.
  • Families and groups of close friends may sit together as a group.
  • Each family unit/group will sit at least 6′ apart from any other person or group.
  • No one will sit in the front rows of either the balcony or the main sanctuary.
  • The Children’s play table will be sanitized, crayons in separate bags to be kept by the child, coloring pages will be separate to be kept by the child.
  • The only hymn we will sing will be the closing hymn and then all will depart the church (this way we aren’t lingering in breath vapors). We will occasionally also have soloists who will sing 1 song per service up in the chancel behind the altar.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned after all group events.
  • Persons over age 65, and those who have certain pre-existing health conditions which make them more at risk for severe problems if they acquire Covid-19 (see this link) are encouraged to consider not attending in person, and instead to participate in our church functions online through the internet (Facebook live-stream, etc.) Don’t worry, we won’t judge any of our elderly members who make the choice to participate in person – such persons are grown-ups and we will honor their choices.
  • Please do not come to worship or other activities held at the church building if you are feeling sick or under the weather, even if it’s just a low-grade fever, or just a mild sniffle, etc.
  • If anyone who is part of our church family test positive for Covid, they (or one of their loved ones) are asked to please inform the church as soon as you learn this. Thank you!

Greetings! I extend a warm welcome to you, your friends, and loved ones – just as you are. I honor everyone as being of sacred worth – and celebrate all of God’s children just as God made them. I’m an advocate and ally for persons who’ve been rejected and oppressed by conventional society. I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee/tea and get to know you and help you get plugged into our community. I’m also a certified Spiritual Director and offer spiritual direction (soul coaching) as part of my work through our church. In addition to serving as pastor, I am also part of the leadership of the Mountain Sky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church serving as the Congregational Resource Minster (“CRM” consultant) for the Utah/Western CO District. I’m brimming with ideas and ways to help resource churches to help them grow and make a positive difference in their communities – including ours! May God bless us as we seek to love God’s people in a world that needs it so much. ~ Pastor Roger

Upper Room Ministries

Click on this link to see the Upper Room Daily Devotional from Upper Room Ministries. You can also find a list of Resources from the Upper Room during the Covid-19 crisis here. 5-10 minutes well worth doing each morning to start your day! (or whenever you choose to do it)

Fruita United Methodist Church

One of the first Christian communities formed on the Western Slope of Colorado (in 1888), Fruita UMC is located in downtown Fruita, Colorado (pronounced “fruit-ah”) on E. Aspen Street. Our stately brick building with its lovely stained glass windows was built in 1908 across Elm street from the Civic Center/Park at 405 E. Aspen Ave. *All are invited to join in our weekly worship services, Sundays at 10:00 AM. You can also participate by watching a live-stream of our services on Facebook! (They are recorded so you can watch them at any time). FUMC also hosts a number of small group studies and conversations throughout the week.
Adult Sunday School, Sundays after worship 11:10ish AM
Bible Study, Wednesdays 10AM
“Booksters” book club, Thursdays 10AM

Spiral online spiritual gathering, Sundays 7-8:30PM on Zoom

The Fruita United Methodist Church community affirms that each person is of sacred worth, and welcomes everyone, without exception, to participate fully in the church’s life and ministry.

Church office staffed M-F 10AM – Noon.

Pastor in the office Wednesdays 10AM-Noon, and by appointment

Church Phone 970-858-3490

click image above!

Prayer Chain — We’re having TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE PRAYER CHAIN. WE’LL GET IT BACK UP AS SOON AS WE CAN! Want to be part of our prayer chain? Email us at prayerchain@fruitaumc.org and put “ADD ME” in subject line. Have a prayer request? Email it to us at the same address.

Grand Valley Youth!

United Methodist Youth Check out their Website.
See also their Facebook page

Little Sprouts Day Care & Pre-School
(970) 858-3803 or email littlesproutpreschool.fc@gmail.com

City Market Community Rewards

Do you have a City Market /Kroger Card? If you shop at any City Market store for groceries and want to support our church community as you do, please make sure you are signed up and that our congregation is linked to your card. City Market will make a small donation to us each time you shop based on your purchases if you are enrolled and have designated the donations to us. Even if you have enrolled previously, you may need to update your account. Go to citymarket.com and login. Click on your name or “My Account” to see your account settings. Under Community Rewards, make sure it says “Fruita United Methodist Church.” If it doesn’t, sign us up!  You can search for “Fruita United Methodist” or just put in our code: 10383 If you would like help doing this (it will only take moment) please talk to our Treasurer, Jerry Baker, after church and help you get it set up!

Please Support Fruita UMC!

We rely on the generosity of patrons and benefactors just like You in order for us to engage in meaningful ministries within Fruita, Mesa County, and beyond. If you’d like to support how God is at work in our growing fellowship of faith , please click on the Donate Button below to donate directly to Fruita United Methodist Church with our PayPal account. You don’t need your own Paypal account, all major credit cards accepted. Or, mail a check (or set up monthly donations through your bank’s on-line banking application) to: Fruita UMC, 405 E. Aspen Ave. Fruita, CO 81521 Thank You for your support!