A new online spiritual community for young and middle age adults. (..no limits, all who are young at heart are welcome : )

If we listen to self-help teachers and motivational speaker celebrities, we can be left with the impression that spiritual growth, healing, and development is a linear line – like a rocket ship that goes straight up. But that isn’t reality. Real people know better. Real life is messy. Real life is complicated. Real life is like the “cha-cha” — two steps forwards and one step back (on our good days!). Real life involves revisiting the wounds, traumas, and experiences of our past, but with a bit more nuance, grace, and insight each time. As it has been said:

“The spiritual path is not a straight line, it’s a spiral. You continually come back to places you thought you understood and see deeper truths.”

This is as true for how we read the scriptures as how we live our lives and grow as persons and as a Christian fellowship.

With these insights in mind, we will be offering a new online worship experience aimed at young and middle age adults in our community (and beyond) this fall. This new spiritual community will embrace a generous orthodoxy that welcomes and celebrates all of God’s people and what they bring to the Church. It will be “organic” – involving music from within that community as well as a focus on music that many of today’s young adults relate to including so-called “secular” music, singer-song writer style, Taize and kirtan chant, video clips, and more. A message from the pastor will be offered each time, and we will also be soliciting the collective wisdom and contributions of the people who participate. Many people don’t want to be preached at, they have a need to have their voices and insights honored – and they certainly have much to contribute.

**Pre-register for this weekly experience by clicking HERE.

Spiral will start out, during this time of Covid, as an online ministry via Zoom – an inter-active internet-based forum where people can see each other in real time and talk and interact. In time we hope to morph into a “hybrid ministry” that meets both in person at FUMC and online simultaneously.

We anticipate that Spiral will have a wide reach far beyond Fruita and Mesa County, and may well include many participants who live in other parts of the country. Participants will be encouraged to engage in loving acts of kindness and compassion in their communities wherever they are – as a unified ministry of Fruita UMC. We will offer various rituals including communion at each gathering and participants will be encouraged to donate to our church through Paypal.

To make Spiral happen, we will need some funding for marketing, musicians, etc., as well as ardent prayer support. We will be applying for a grant and also seeking the financial support of any of you who might feel called to be Angel Donors to help underwrite this bold new Spiral ministry to help it get off the ground and soar – spiraling upward as it does.

Please let us know if you would be interested in helping support Spiral!

Blessings to us all as God’s Holy Spirit spirals ever deeper into our lives.

LGBTQI+ friendly.

p.s. you’ll need to register your name and email onto Zoom in order to participate

Please send any Donations of Tithes, Gifts, and Offerings to Fruita United Methodist Church via Paypal

p.p.s. we offer a more traditional worship experience Sunday mornings at 10AM currently live-streamed on the Fruita UMC Facebook
When we resume inside worship, Please come with a mask! 405 E. Aspen Ave. Fruita CO